Mary V`s offers complete catering service for events as large as 150 to as small as 10. We offer Cold & Hot Appetizers to full meals. Call us to discuss the menu and service options we offer.We also offer linen service, many colors to choose from.


Mary V`s Catering Lunch Items                                                       603-923-7856             

                            Cold Beverages

  • Flavored Water
  • Bottled Water
  • Diet Pepsi
  • Pepsi
  • Iced tea
  • Iced Green Tea Cucumber

            Hot Beverages

  • Coffee Regular & Decaf
  • Tea 
  • Hot Coco

    Cold Lunch Items

           Caesar Salad

                $ 2.75pp

             Tossed  Salad

                 $ 2.50pp

              Chefs Salad

                $5.95 pp

     Chicken Caesar Salad with

            roll or pita bread

               $ 5.95 pp

    Homemade Pasta Salad

                  $ 2.50pp

   Homemade Potato Salad  

                  $2.00 pp         

   Whole Wrap Meal ( chips, cookie small soda or water)  $ 11.50 

      1/ 2 Wrap Meal $ 9.25pp

      1/2 Wrap, 2 Cookies, Chips

            and Small Soda 

´╗┐Seasonal Beverages  $ 2.50 pp

  • Fresh Watermelon Punch with Lime
  • Hot Apple Cider

                                                          Hot Lunch Options

White Chicken Chili with Cornbread $ 7.50

Beef Chili with cornbread $ 7.50

American chop suey with dinner roll & vegetables $6.00 

Meatloaf & mashed potatoes ,vegetable & gray 9.95

Beef lasagna Salad with and 2 dressings with  garlic bread $13.95

Chicken & broccoli white lasagna with salad and 2 dressings and garlic bread $ 13.95

Enchiladas, Spanish rice, refried beans with salsa  & sour cream shredded lettuce

and tomatoes $ 11.95  

                                                                                  Wrap  Options:

 Turkey with cranberry mayo or cranberry cream cheese & lettuce

Ham and cheese with lettuce and tomato mayo or mustard

Turkey BLT with mayo

Chicken Caesar salad 

Homemade chicken salad, or tuna salad, ham salad