Custom made cakes for any occasion

               Gift Certificates Available

                       Custom cakes  start at $ 50.00              Individual cakes start at $ 25.00                 Depending on the designs


                                   If you do not see what you are looking for contact me and I will create something that fits your needs  

                                                                                                    Cake Flavors

    Chocolate, Vanilla, Pina Colada, Orange , Strawberry, Carrot, Yellow ,Coconut,Lemon, Marble, Pumpkin,Orange Crush ,Dr. Pepper

                                                                                Butter Cream Frosting Flavors

           Peanut Butter, Chocolate, Lime,  Orange , Lemon , Strawberry, Pina Colada ,Camel,Cococnut, Lime,

    Brownie Wishing Well


                                                             Individual Margarita Cakes $ 4.50

Flavors: Orange, Lemon, Blueberry, Watermelon,  Strawberry, Pina` Colada, Coconut Lime

              Scan of yarn and & mittens have each

                      child & grand kids name on them

                                               $ 49.95

 Purse cakes  any color & style can be made  

                     Computer Cakes

        This is perfect for anyone who

                    work with computer

                Cupcake Flower Centerpiece $49.95    

20 cupcakes in this  arrangement Container may cahange

                 Monarch Butterfly Cake

    Can be made for any kind of butterfly

                            Starts at $49.95

    Garden cakes for those who love to garden

 Tiki Heads will top off your next Hawaiian / island party

Individual Tiki Head

          This flag cake would make a nice addition to your summer party

 Mice eating a cheese wheel

 Edible Cornucopia $ 59.95

Individual Cornucopias $ 11.95

These foot prints were created for a Relay for life event. The theme on step at a time

               Edible acorns 

sold by the dozen $ 6.95 per doz.

Guitar cake can be any color


Cheese Burger & Fries                                                                                                      Cheese Burgers             

By the dozen $54.95                                                                                                     By the dozen $39.95 

Grave Yard

Christmas Tree    Start sat $ 49.95


 Can be mad any color & design

            Snowmobile Helmet

Can be made any color & design

Pumpkin cake with Mini Edible Pumpkins

Fern & Fiddleheads Cake

Frogs & Lily Pond

   Firefighter Wedding Cake

Chocolate Cake With Edible Work Boots                      Starts at $ 49.95

 Tree Stump Wedding Cakes              

Dog Cake can be made any color

Sunflower Cupcakes with Apple Baske Cake

Monogrammed Jimmies Cake

Owl  Cake to feed 10 people


Plain & Peanut M&M Cakes

              Over The Hill Cake

            1/2 Sheet Cake 54.95

Tree Themed Wedding Cake

                                     Wedding Cakes

 I Phone Cake                                                                                                                                  603-923-7856              

                                   Tree Stump Cake

  This great for anyone who works in the logging

                     business or tree service industry

Picnic Table Cake starts at 74.95

   Toilet Cake $ 74.95

Picnic Basket Cake  $ 64.95

Starts at $ 69.95

Starts at $ 69.95.

       Edible Chocolate Shoes

     Can be added to cakes or

               just as they are

Shoe filled with chocolates or strawberries

                $ 29.95 a pair or 14.95 each

           Chocolate Shoe

 $ 14.95 a pair or $7.50 each.

1/2 Sheet Cake Starts at $ 54.95

Edible M&M Characters $ 5.95 each

Confederate Cake Starts At 44.95

Cribbage Board Starts at $ 54.95

                  Oh Baby 

     Baby Shower Cake

                 $ 75.00

Cake Topper Not Included

Cupcake Tower 4 kinds of cupcakes and                        Bride & Groom cake on top

                      $ 2.25 per person

                           for cupcakes

Large Whoopie Pies $21. .00 min of 6

 Small Whoopie Pies  by the dozen  $ 15.00

  • Reg Chocolate
  • Chocolate w/ peanut butter filling
  • Chocolate with coconut filling
  • Chocolate with mint filling
  • Carrot Cake w/ cream cheese filling
  • Pumpkin W/ reg. filling

Fresh Fruit Roll Up

          $ 20.00